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Jesswyn's Journal

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January 27th, 2013

07:07 pm - My recent Venonat collection update!
Originally posted by jesswyn at My recent Venonat collection update!
Hey guys! Just thought id show you some of my recent additions to my Venonat collection.

I was also in the hospital the last week with a severe stomach flu+dehydration, I was really sick and at risk at some health complications and such and was very miserable and in pain and my husband came and visited me at the hospital and I was so touched when he gave me this card he made:

Pics hereCollapse )

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August 10th, 2011

12:18 am - Venonat plushie + Shiny Nat Paint
Hello community! Today I want to show off my 2 latest creations :) Sorry if I don't have anything useful in this post I hope thats not against the rules or anything, please tell me if it is!

Click for nattys! IMAGE HEAVYCollapse )

Also STILL waiting for a couple packages so I can make my first big collection update (and a computer) its gonna be sweet :D
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May 7th, 2011

11:47 pm - Collections Website!
I made a collections website for funs. Ill be able to update it more once I move to Canada and recieve my other Pokemon stuff :)

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April 28th, 2011

11:22 am - Feedback!
Feedback goes here! Thankyou to everyone that leaves any, I highly appreciate it <33


Items Bought/Traded/Sold:
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April 27th, 2011

12:03 pm - First Post
First post on live journal! I hope to get into collecting pokemon stuff from the community here :)

My names Jess, My favorite pokemon is Venonat. I am trying to collect as much of him as I can :)

My location says Australia and I am australian, but I will be moving to Canada to live with my husband soon.

My Introduction post on pkmncollectors:

"Hello! I have desided to make this post after a suggestion from the Rules and newbie help guides. I've been lurking around curious about this community for a while, but I now have the confidence to post, since you all seem like lovely people :)

My favorite pokemon is Venonat. I have a small collection at the moment since I have just started, but I hope to expand that! He seems to have some pretty rare merchandise, most of which I can only find on outdated live journal entries. I also collect Venomoths.

Here are a picture of my collection and my wants :)

My current collection:

My wants:

Venomoth Marble, Venonat Ball Keychain (HIGH WANT), Venonat/moth charms, Venomoth Kid, Venonat pokemon 2000 pin, Venonat/Moth MegaBlocks (if they exist), Venonat Kid(? Aparently theres 2 different venonat kids, althought im not sure) Shiny Venonat figure, banpresto vanonat stamp (actually might have this with the stamp part broken off, not sure, will clarify later), Venonat and Venomoth Metal figures (have a plain grey metal venomoth on the way and gold venomoth and metal nat :)) Would like any kind of colors, bronze silver gold green any colors I don't know about (might be a long shot but if i ever found a purple venonat metal figure I think I would explode), I have brought a lot of stuff in the last couple of days from different people XD Will fix all of this later.

Edit: thanks to pokepalace, I should soon have my Venonat/Venomoth Zukan, a venonat kid figure, some other figures and some stamps ill soon be displaying when I get to Canada and can take another group picture ^^ Thankyou!

If anyone knows of any merchandise not shown in the picture, please show me so I can add it to my list and seek it out :)

Please forgive me if this post is formatted wrong, in the wrong place, or just anything! I'd appreciate if someone could tell me when I make a mistake, general tips or anything I need to know, I don't want to be a noob forever! :)

Thankyou for reading

Edit: Oh i see what the HM01 cut reference meant, haha. oops.
Edit 2: Added Picard, the mysterious fluff thing we found on the walls of a house we moved into, responsible for starting the trend of me calling anything fluffy Picard, including my Venonats. Not sure why it was named after a star trek guy in the first place, but ah well :)

UPDATE: My collection has grown by one card! Woo! Tilting it changes it from venonat to venomoth, thats the reasoning for 2 pictures. More stuff arriving soon =)


Link to my introduction post: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/9052648.html?view=267927528
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